Monday, March 17, 2008

You've come to the right place!

YES, that's right, Judy Gunter Danvers Weaver is retiring from teaching after 36 LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG years! The other day on her way to work, Judy was stopped by a highway patrolman for speeding (didn't know the old girl had it in her, did ya?). She claims the radar picked up the guy passing her - whatever! Anyway, the patrolman asked her where she was going - "To teach first grade" she says. "And how long have you been doing that?" he asks. "For about 36 years" she replied. The poor guy's shoulders dropped, he sighed, handed her back her license, and wished her a nice day.

So let's celebrate the sentiments the patrolman expressed, or maybe even some good ones, and wish Judy well on her retirement. You can contribute one of two ways:
1. Leave a comment to this blog post, and/or
2. Send an email to

We MUST have the following information in your email or comments:

  • Your name
  • Your name when Judy knew you
  • How you know Judy (your teacher, your colleague, the bain of your existence, etc.)
It would be nice to have a photo of you, your family, etc. and your sentiments toward Judy upon her retirement.
All of these will be compiled in an album for Judy and presented to her upon her retirement.

We are considering a party, but we are planning a move soon, so a party may not be possible for a few months. If you leave us your email address, we will contact you with further information when it becomes available.

Thank You so much for doing this for our mom!!
-Judy's children and grandchildren